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Training for advancing your hiring skills and strategies as well as fundamentals for enhancing team collaboration.

We offer training for your hiring teams focused on recognizing bias in the interview process and how to use structured interviews to mitigate bias and provide relevant candidate data to make better hiring decisions.

We also deliver fundamentals of Bias and Team Interaction, to help your employees grow individually and as teams.

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Training Courses
Training Courses Bias & Empathy Fundamentals, Team Interaction, Dehumanization and Microaggressions, and Bias & Hiring: 60-minute sessions that help your employees and interviewers improve their communication, collaboration, and interview skills and behaviors.

Pre-recorded training

Check out Lesson 1 from each of our foundational courses to help you become a more efficient and unbiased interviewer.

Course 1

Understand Your Bias and How to Use Curiosity

This course introduces you to the Science of Bias and why our brains work the way they do to form our biases and trigger our behaviors. Spoiler Alert: we all have Bias, and that's ok. Now take a look into what has shaped your biases, your behaviors, and learn how they can impact your teammates.

Course 2

Develop and Use Empathy

This course introduces you to the Science of Empathy. Do you believe people either have Empathy, or they don't? Tune in to find out. And then learn how to navigate Empathy in your own life. Finally, understand how Bias and Empathy determine how your teams are built.

Course 3

Interview Better

Interviewing is complicated, for the interviewers. Learn the interviewing basics necessary for being a better interviewer. Be aware of the five (5) most common biases found throughout the interview process and what interviewers can do to mitigate those during interviews. Finally, we'll share the most common mistakes that plague interviews and expert tips for delivering a more equitable, ethical, and effective interview process. You will leave with a plan for making better hiring decisions every time.

Free training

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  6. Program Manager 
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