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We believe that everyone should have equal access to hiring and interview training that can help make them better at providing an inclusive and equal candidate experience. Check out our three (3) foundational courses to help you grow to become a more efficient and unbiased interviewer.

Course 1

Understand Your Bias and How to Use Curiosity

This course introduces you to the Science of Bias and why our brains work the way they do to form our biases and trigger our behaviors. Spoiler Alert: we all have Bias, and that's ok. Now take a look into what has shaped your biases, your behaviors, and learn about ways that you can develop a Code of Curiosity instead of Judgment.

Course 2

Develop and Use Empathy

This course introduces you to the Science of Empathy. Do you believe people either have Empathy, or they don't? Tune in to find out. And then learn how to navigate Empathy in your own life, after you've become more of your biases that can impact your Empathy Behaviors.

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Course 3

Interviewing is Complicated

Learn how to develop a better hiring and interview process with this next course. The first lesson addresses the basics of interviewing, and lessons 2 and 3 focus on mitigating bias in the interview.

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