iIA interview platform

The leading interview platform will give you the power to hire the right person for your open role - every time. Driven by data and intelligence amplification (interviewer support), interviewIA's platform puts powerful yet simple-to-use tools in your hands to ensure you have the best interviewing experience every time.

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Ask the right questions

Our Interview Smart-scorecards are powered by our Question Bank, a set of methodically engineered behavioral, competency, and situational-based questions. Quickly find the right template to help make your next interview meaningful - for your hiring decision and for the candidate.

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Learn hiring best practices

interviewIA Interview Training delivers leading-edge hiring training. Discover insights into inclusion, diversity, culture, hiring, leadership, and employee development that will help you to be a better interviewer.

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How does interviewIA's platform help our customers?

5 steps to a great interview

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Plan Your Interview

Our Interview Platform gives you the tools to plan a successful interview

  1. Use the Interview Question Bank to find questions directly aligned with your required job qualifications. 
  2. Build your Smart-Scorecard for every interview round and be confident in your ability to interview and compare every candidate equally.

Conduct Your Interview

Great interviews every time

  1. Use the Smart-Scorecards you have put together to conduct a meaningful, unbiased interview.
  2. Easily score every answer while staying engaged with the candidates.

Review & Compare

Compare candidates side-by-side

  1. All of your interview information is now at your fingertips.  
  2. Pull up multiple candidate Smart-Scorecards and compare results side-by-side.
  3. Drill down into each answer for more data about how your candidate answered.

Make Your Choice

Feel confident that you're making the right choice for your role and your company

  1. Choose the right fit for your open role.
  2. Share interview data with a manager for interview decision support.

The Best Training Makes The Best Interviewers

Learn interview best practices

  1. You can use interviewIA's training to learn how to interview from the ground up.
  2. Do you have a lot of experience interviewing candidates already?  Brush up on your techniques.

Interview platform features

  • Interview to role alignment with effective questions and context

  • Accurate candidate ranking for equitable candidate evaluation

  • Interviewer training for better interview behavior

  • Hiring decision support for company-wide oversight and insight

Are you looking for an interview platform that makes hiring easier?

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