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Beveridge Curve Job Openings Rate versus Unemployment Rate
3 Gaps in the Labor Market

Historic inefficiencies in the labor market.

There are currently high rates of both unemployment and job openings occurring simultaneously, as noted by the black line in the first graph. This phenomenon is presenting many hiring challenges for organizations across industries.

While many are talking about "The Great Resignation" or "The Great Reshuffle," we are focused on "The Great Mismatch." The convergence of three separate problems has now defined this post-pandemic era of work and is forcing companies to re-evaluate their hiring strategies: 

  • Skills gap: New types of roles have huge demands for labor, but existing talent doesn’t match the qualifications.
  • Geography gap: The pandemic has created a global migration of talent away from city centers. Talent no longer lives within commuting distance of jobs.
  • Expectation gap: Worldwide downtime in 2020 gave people an opportunity to reevaluate their lives, demanding more for themselves and their families.

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interviewIA's Hiring Strategy Analysis can accelerate your hiring process and reduce the need for trial-and-error hiring. Learn what your top candidates value about themselves (hint: candidates love when you do this!). Discover any small yet impactful changes you could be making to job postings or interviews based on our assessment of your team's high performers, the key criteria they share, and our analysis of the labor market as it relates directly to your target candidates. And we'll train your team to build the structured interview process to support this strategy.

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