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Easy to Use, Easy to Share, Easy to Hire!



Login and Get Started Right Away  

Interviewing is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with interviewIA. Our product team relentlessly pursues enhanced usability, resulting in some cool new features and functionality that we’re excited to share with you. 

We’ve done an overhaul of our homepage to help users quickly add jobs, navigate to the next needed steps in their interview workflow, and share quick links to launch interviews after login.

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New Homepage

Quick Links

  1. Add a new job or single candidate, or upload a group of candidates 
  2. Prepare for your interview 
  3. Request a custom interview scorecard 
  4. Provide feedback 
  5. Add licenses to your account 

Scorecard Finder

Access or share recently created, customized, or used scorecards 


Quickly access the next step for your open jobs:
  1. Items required to move your process forward 
  2. Items you may want to do, like view or share recent interview submission

Mine/Team Data Toggle

View information related to just you, or to your entire team 


Collaborate and Share with the Click of a Button 

Interviewing and hiring is rarely a one-person job. We have launched the ability to quickly share information with your hiring teammates to ensure critical information doesn’t get lost in a random spreadsheet or email, costing you valuable time to get that new person hired. 

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Share Functionality

Here are some ways you can share information from interviewIA: 

What can I download? 

  • Scorecards 
  • All interview results for a candidate 
  • Results from a single interview 

What can I share via Direct Link? 

  • Preview a scorecard 
  • Conduct an interview 
  • Job Details 
  • Candidate results for a job 
  • Interview Results


More Scorecards, New Sort, and Filtering 

Our goal is to help you get started interviewing as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of your interview process. The core of the interview is the scorecard, and we’ve added new standardized scorecards that you can “plug and play” directly into your interview process. You can quickly sort and filter whatever you need to help your hiring team get moving. 

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Scorecard Builder

New Features include: 

  • Ability to filter by type and sort all columns 
  • Ability to easily determine scorecards that have been or are being used for an open job’s interview process 
  • Ability to assign a scorecard to a job directly from the Scorecard List 
  • Ability to easily build and edit a scorecard 



Need help getting started? 

Visit our Help Center or consider kickstarting your hiring strategy with our help. Our team is standing by to help you assess your team and your process, train your interviewers, and build out your first interview process in the platform, from adding a job to conducting each interview. Check out our Hiring Strategy Analysis service and let us know when you’re ready to start! 


Carolyn Lyons

As COO & Head of Client Strategy, Carolyn runs operations, including architecting short- and long-term business planning, leading strategic initiatives, and driving operational excellence across the organization. Her goal is to grow interviewIA through the use of its revolutionary methodology while continuing its mission to add value to clients every step of the way. Carolyn is the consummate servant-leader, believing that when people are empowered to creatively add value, no task is impossible, no goal out of reach. She has seen the power of this approach succeed equally in the halls of Congress and within a start-up environment.