Dr. Nicole Gravanga, PHD Dec 16, 2021 1:58:53 PM 10 min read

4 steps to achieve a more structured interview

We’ve known for a century that structured interviews outperform unstructured ones for predicting a candidate’s success and reducing bias during the candidate selection process.  

A structured interview is not a specific type of interview. Instead, it’s about a necessary level of planning and organization. You can add small or large amounts of structure to any interview to transform it from an unstructured to structured interview.  

So, what counts as structure in an interview anyway?  

  1. Use the same questions for all candidates. This simple act of asking the same questions for all candidates adds structure and helps you compare candidates to each other better. interviewIA’s platform allows you to use the same scorecards with each candidate until you are ready to make a decision.  
  2. Require scoring during the interview. When you require interviewers to evaluate candidate answers during the interview (instead of waiting until afterward), you add another level of structure. interviewIA makes it easy to conduct interviews, take notes with a click, and score candidate answers immediately.  
  3. Systematically score applicants responses to questions. Answers to interview questions are typically long. Have interviewers judge those answers on a scale between 1 and 5. interviewIA scorecards help interviewers listen for the right information and decide on a score.  
  4. Competency-based interviews. You can complete a job analysis to determine what skills and qualities are required for the role. Put those skills into the interviewIA builder to create scorecards filled with questions that match your specific competency needs.   

When you use interviewIA’s smart scorecards and conduct your interviews in the system, you will automatically be using structured interviews.  

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Dr. Nicole Gravanga, PHD

Dr. Nicole Gravagna is trained as both a neuroscientist and an executive coach. Nicole blends neuroscience, behavioral economics, and organizational psychology into healthy human-centered design that drives business. She is well versed in venture capital and angel investing and is a co-author of Venture Capital for Dummies. Her second book was MindSET Your Manners, a guide for behavior change.