interviewIA Jul 22, 2021 11:47:23 AM 9 min read

Four Reads To Revamp Your Hiring

So much is changing in this world of rising awareness of social inequities and a new workforce impacted by COVID-19. Companies need to start thinking deeply about the future of their hiring practices, employee retention, and company culture. We’ve curated a list of articles below to provide you with some information to bring these discussions back to your company’s leadership.


Best Quote“Interviews are arguably the most difficult technique to get right because interviewers should stick to questions that predict good hires—mainly about past behavior or performance that’s relevant to the tasks of the job—and ask them consistently across candidates. Just winging it and asking whatever comes to mind is next to useless. Interviews are where biases most easily show up, because interviewers do usually decide on the fly what to ask of whom and how to interpret the answer. Everyone knows some executive who is absolutely certain he knows the one question that will really predict good candidates (“If you were stranded on a desert island…”). The sociologist Lauren Rivera’s examination of interviews for elite positions, such as those in professional services firms, indicates that hobbies, particularly those associated with the rich, feature prominently as a selection criterion.” Read the full article here.



Best Quote: “Candidate Experience (CX) is about to tank. I’m sure my friends at the Talent Board will show this data in 2021 and I predict after years of increased CX we’ll see a dip. Why? Turns out, when you have more candidates than jobs, it’s hard to deliver high CX at scale. Also, so many TA teams are being cut to the bone, so resources are thin.  One part of CX that I’ve never seen – but I’ve been thinking about – is what would happen to your candidate experience if we started doing random, or not so random, social affirmations to those candidates who applied to our jobs?” Read the full article here.


Best Quote“Everyone talks a good game when it comes to values. But values don’t mean much if you don’t intentionally embody them every day. How do you do it? Ask, what does this ACTUALLY look like? What’s the practical application of it?” Read the full article here.



Best Quote“Getting minority candidates into jobs requires HR departments to rethink what they’re doing from the ground up: from where they look for candidates; to who they consider; how they interview them; and even how they describe the positions they’re trying to fill.” Read the full article here.