UB Ciminieri, interviewIA CMO May 12, 2022 2:00:00 PM 10 min read

A Debate Between The Recruiter, The Candidate, & The Career Coach

A Debate Between The Recruiter, The Candidate, & The Career Coach: The Reality and Opportunities in Today's Hiring Practices

Moderated by Ubaldo Ciminieri, CMO of interviewIA:

In today’s ever changing world of work, we want to lead an honest conversation about the challenges and changes we can all make so that the interview process is more efficient and effective. In this conversation, a recruiter, a job seeking candidate, and a career coach discuss hot trending topics and the challenges that each one faces every day, to learn from each other's perspectives and to see how we can all work better together to make the hiring process a smarter, more impactful one for all parties involved.

The Career Coach: Rachel Serwetz, CEO, WOKEN
The Candidate: Cynthia Huynh
The Recruiter: Travis Upchurch, Talent Acquisition Advisor, HP


UB Ciminieri, interviewIA CMO

UB leads interviewIA's marketing and business development strategy through a constant state of innovation and "outside the box" thinking. He has taken his deep experience in client and customer solutions to build a company focused on people first, the value that every human brings to the table, and centered on belonging. UB is the "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" in the HR world. In the Malcolm Gladwell framework, he is the ultimate connector. UB has an intrinsic ability to span many different worlds through his combination of curiosity, self-confidence, sociability, and energy.